Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spirituality Teachings of MBA- Sirsa

* Whenever any government establishes any new department then it appoints officers and provides all facilities like offices, tables, chairs, papers, pencils etc. for their convenience and use. It appoints employees under their subordination for doing work.

* Similarly, when the Satguru or Almighty Lord comes in the guise of Param Sants in the regime of Kal (Negative power) to get the souls released from Kal's dominion, He also establishes a Spiritual College which may be called a court of the Reality. He delivers His preachingswithout any distinction of caste, religion and creed. He initiates the souls, makes them to do Bhajan-Simaran or meditation and repitetion and takes them to His abode Anami (Nemeless) or Sachkhand.

* Similarly, Pujya Param Sant Gurbax Singh 'Manager Sahib" laid the foundation of Mastana Shah Balochistani Asrham on 18th February, 1966 and preached Sant Mat. He initiated the souls and taught them to do Sacha Sauda or True Bargain. He used to say that he who pleased his Shabd Guru (Almighty Lord) and has done Sacha Sauda, his life in this world shall be meaningful. When he realised the Satguru then he is also Sacha Sauda Wala (True Bargainer), as well as Radha Swami, Khalsa, and Arya. If he has not realised his Shabd Guru through Bhajan-Simaran, he has nothing at his credit; he has only boastings.

* The teachings of Pujya Param Sant Gurbax Singh 'Manager Sahib' were equal for the rich, the poor, the high and low, the Hindues and Muslims, The Sikhs and Cristians. He used to explain quoting the stanza of Guru Ram Das Ji that the teachings of True Saints is same for all- may be Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra and that is to catch the Audible Life Stream- the Name by Simran (Repetition)- that Name which pervades in everything.

* One common spiritual message for Khatris, Brahmins, Shudras and Vaishyas is meant. Liberated shall be whoever by the Master's guidance, The holy Name utters; That, saith Nanak, in Kali Yuga in each being. He realizes as pervasive.

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Welcome to my blog MBA-Sirsa(Mastana Shah Bilochistani Ashram- Jagmalwali-Sirsa ).This blog is dedicated to all religious that believe in i want to share some spirituality teaching techniques that are given by popular saint's. for example guru nanak dev ji, tuldi das ji , kabir das , mastana ji ,manager sahib etc.

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